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by Jai-Ca
19 June 2018
Vermut jai-ca

Vermouth is a liqueur and aperitif that goes back many years, has a rather sweet taste and is great for starting meals.

One of the great specialties of the Jai-ca Bar is Vermouth. We use a unique recipe that we invented several years ago and allows us to serve one of the best vermouths in Barcelona.


  1. An ice cube
  2. A dash of Picón
  3. Siphon
  4. Homemade vermouth
  5. Finally, we added a secret ingredient that we can’t reveal ?

White or red vermouth, which is better?

White Vermouth is drier and with a little more alcohol, so black vermouth is more commonly consumed in snacks because it is sweeter and not as strong.

Whether it is black or white, vermouth is a great option to start eating and enjoying good tapas in our restaurant.

Bring your friends and invite them to a vermouth, you’ll see how they’ll be delighted and want to repeat it! better than a martini we assure you.

Why drink a Vermouth at the Jai-ca?

The harmony between alcohol and its extracts is difficult to achieve. You will notice in the Vermouth a pleasant taste of thyme with a balsamic background with a captivating reminiscence of hazelnuts and a slight touch of peppermint.

All this combined makes the Vermouth of Bar Jai-ca worth trying and enjoying.

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