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Recommended Tapa 1/2
Salted tuna carpaccio in arbequina olive oil 7,60
Salad of smoked salmon and avocado with dill oil 7,10
Calçots in tempura with "romesco" sauce 5,60
Fried artichokes 6,10
Chiken wings "de l'àvia" 5,90
Fried eggs, potatoes and spanish ham 6,50
Squid Curls with egg 7,40
Fried little fish from the boat 10,90
Homemade croquette (Monkish and Prawns) 1,75
Stewed snails 9,10
Small beach prawn 14,30
Squid and octopus with onion 7,30
Mussels "a la marinera" 8,20
Caramelized apple dessert with custard and vanilla ice cream 4,60
Pudding of raisins and rum 4,40
Fish tapas Tapa 1/2
Andalusian style squid 7,50
Fried anchovies 7,10
Fried cuttlefish 6.50
Fried tiny squid 6.80
Deep-fried calamari rings 9,80
Galician octopus 15,30
Cod fritters 6,70
White anchovies in vinegar 6,50
Steamed Mussels 7,90
Stuffed mussel 1,75e/u
Small fried shrimps 5,90
Garlic prawns 8,90
Anchovy w/ fried fishbone
House speciality!
Grill Tapa 1/2
Clams 14,80 8,10
Prawns 9.50 4,90
Razor-shells 8.10 4,50
Sardines 7,60 4,10
Squid 11,50 5,90
Grilled cuttlefish 7.60
Hot tapas Tapa 1/2
Jai-Ca potatoes 4,60
"Bomba" 2,20
Bravas 4,50
Ham croquettes 4,60 2,30
Meatballs 6,60
Spanish omelette 4,50
Fried Aubergine with molasses 4,80
"Chistorra"- Spicy sausage 5,50 3,10
Meat skewres w/ melted cheese 5,90
"Callos"- Tripe spanish style 5,70
Chicken sticks 5.30
Fried green peppers 5.40
Sauteed mushrooms 4,60 2,65
Grilled vegetables with parmegiano and romesco 6,60
Bread Tapa       
Bread 1,65
Catalonian bread 0,55e/u
Special bread w/ tomatoe 3,00
Fresh tapas Tapa 1/2
Russian salad 5,10
Greek salad ((tomatoe, feta cheese w/honey balsamic vinaigrette)) 5,70
Jai-ca salad ((tomatoe, tuna, onion, olives, egg w/balsamic vinegar and sesam)) 6,80 4,30
Spanish ham 6,40
Iberian ham 13,20
Greaves 3,70
Sheep's milk cheese 6,70
Deserts All       
Catalan cream 4,10
Cheesecake 4,10
Chocolate coulant 4,40
"Flan" with cream

Bar de tapas en la Barceloneta


Located in the emblematic district of Barceloneta with more than 60 years of history that are perceived in the original appearance of the premises. It is a classic of the neighborhood and has nothing to do with the rest of local tourist attractions in the area. Since 1955, Jai-ca has always been a family business that welcomes neighborhood residents daily, customers from all corners of the city and tourists from all over the world who seek to enjoy those tapas that have become tradition.

The place, with a modernist air, conserves the original bar, made of wood and with a rounded curve that gives character to the room. The tables are an authentic jewel, made of cane and tile with a white mosaic as an homage, it became the logo of the Jai-ca.

Jai-ca 2

A few years ago we opened a new bar with the same name (Jai-ca 2), located in the same street Ginebra but at number 9, just on the other corner of the original Jaica. The new location is bigger and allows us to offer service to more people, but keeping the same style and quality of the first Jai-ca.
Whether you are looking for classic or traditional tapas, or if you want to make vermouth, and extend your meal, you will find in the Jaica a great option to enjoy your friends and family.

Jaica products

All our products are fresh and of high quality, the fish arrives directly from the boat to the plate. The vermouth of the house is a must. Serve it in a tube glass with an ice cube, two fingers of gin, bitter, siphon, half a slice of orange and a couple of olives. You can’t miss it!!

Jaica 1 original
Barra del jaica

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Address and contact

Bar jai-ca, Carrer de Ginebra, 13, Barcelona, España

Bar Jai-ca 2, Carrer de Ginebra, Barcelona, España

For all inquiries and information contact us at: comunicacio@barjaica.com
We are open every day from 9 AM – 11:30 PM

Jai Ca: Ginebra, 13 – 93 268 32 65
Jai Ca 2: Ginebra, 9 – 93 319 91 64